July 31, 2015

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, Great Britain

I slept in today until noon and decided to make today a day of work; I would leave the site seeing for the following day. After shaving and showering, I typed out several journal entries and uploaded all the photographs from Paris to today on the website. This kept me busy for several hours. Around 20:00, I went outside and walked to Grand Casemates Square where I went in to Pizza Hut and ordered a pizza with a cheesy crust and topped with beef, onions, jalapenos, and tomatoes. While the pizza was being prepared I walked to one of the few convenience stores still open (almost everything closes down in this town at 20:00) and bought a couple bottles of apple juice and a bottle of Spanish red wine crafted with Shiraz and Bobal grapes. I then returned for my pizza and brought my goods back to my hotel room. I then ate my dinner and drank my wine (it was okay, albeit characterless) whilst continuing to work on the website. I also watched two movies on the tele: ‘The Living Daylights’ (this was the most apt Bond movie I could’ve seen here since the pre-title sequence takes place on Gibraltar and later on much of the action occurs in Tangier – my next destination) and ‘The Wild Bunch’ (Sam Peckinpah’s greatest film). Around 03:00, I went to bed and finished watching ‘The Wild Bunch’ (I had to stay up and see the grandiose massacre that occurs at the end) before falling asleep after 03:30. Oh what a day.

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