Al Ain

I visited Al Ain twice while I was living in the Middle East and what follows are some of the photos I took there.


Exterior of the Al Ain National Museum.
Walking through the oasis at Al Ain.
Corridor in Al Jahili Fort, a fort that was built in the 1890s AD.
Inner courtyard of Al Jahili Fort.
Parade ground at Al Jahili Fort.
Hili Grand Tomb, which has been reconstructed, but dates back to at least the 3rd-millennium BC and is now part of the Hili Archaeological Park – a park that helps preserve the largest Bronze Age site in the United Arab Emirates.
Jabel Hafeet, the sole mountain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Looking east from Jabel Hafeet (Oman is somewhere in the far distance, where the landscape begins to become more mountainous).
Jabel Hafeet Park, with some astonishingly green grass in this desert – seen from the viewpoint.
Date palms in the Al Ain oasis.
Entrance to Al Ain National Museum.
Different types of pistols on display in the Al Ain National Museum.
Model of what the Hili Grand Tomb would’ve looked like over 4,000 years ago.

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