I managed to visit Dubai on several occasions while I was living in the Middle East and what follows are some of the photos I took there.


Burj Khalifa at night – designed by Adrian Smith and built in 2009 AD, it is the world’s tallest building at 829.8 meters and it has 163 floors.
Burj Al Arab – a ridiculously expensive 5-star hotel in Dubai.
Burj Al Arab, seen from Souk Madinat Jumeirah.
Windcatcher tower standing next to a part of the wall of Old Dubai; these towers were used in older buildings to create cross ventilation and passive cooling – especially important in a desert that regularly heats above 40 degrees Celsius.
Boats on display in Dubai Museum, which exists in Al Fahidi Fort – a fort that was built in the 18th-century AD.
Burj Khalifa, which stands tall at 829.8 meters.
Looking down at the Dubai Fountain from the Burj Khalifa observation deck, which is only at 452 meters (unfortunately, far from the top).
Looking southward from the Burj Khalifa.
View of Dubai, looking northward – seen from the observation deck in the Burj Khalifa.
Waterfall and diver sculptures inside the Dubai Mall.
Old Souk in Dubai.
Dubai Creek.
Match at the Dubai Sevens, a rugby sevens competition held at the Sevens Stadium.
One of the women’s matches at the Dubai Sevens.
Scrum during one of the men’s matches at the Dubai Sevens.
New Year’s celebration in Dubai for 2014; at the time, this was the world’s largest fireworks show, but has since been surpassed multiple times.

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