I visited Sion on 2 July 2021. This was a picturesque old town in Valais with terraced vineyards to the north, the Rhône River to the south, and two prominent hills next to each other that have a ruined castle on one and an old basilica on the other.


Outdoor market on Rue du Grand-Pont in the town of Sion.
Terraced vineyards in Sion.
Helicopter precision-spraying specific vineyard blocks.
Vineyards at the base of the rocky hill where Château de Tourbillon istands.
Valère Basilica, seen from the route going up to Château de Tourbillon.
West entrance to Château de Tourbillon, the hilltop castle built in the 13th-century AD.
Terraced vineyards with the Rhône River in view, seen from Château de Tourbillon.
Eastern entrance to Château de Tourbillon.
View of Valère Basilica from the ruins of Château de Tourbillon.
Looking up at Château de Tourbillon from the orchard near Place Maurice-Zermatten.
Valère Basilica, a fortified church founded in the 13th-century AD.
Overhead passageway connecting two buildings in Sion.
Sion Cathedral.
Tour des Sorciers (“Sorcerer’s Tower”).
Looking up at Valère Basilica.
Narrow street in Sion.
Drinking fountain in Sion.
Fountain on Rue du Grand-Pont in Sion.
‘The Bridge and Gorge of the Dala, View From Downstream’ by Caspar Wolf (ca. 1774-1777 AD).
Painting depicting Sion, found in the Valais Art Museum.
Château de Tourbillon and Valère Basilica, seen from Valais Art Museum.

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