I lived in Canterbury during the majority of my time in New Zealand, mostly from February 2016 to November 2018; therefore, I had plenty of opportunities to visit Christchurch, Banks Peninsula, and many natural wonders throughout the region. What follows are a selection of the many, many photographs I took while living and later visiting there.


Southern Cross.
Re:START Mall – outdoor shopping mall made with shipping containers as a response to the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, which destroyed most buildings in City Mall.
Bridge of Remembrance – a memorial to those that died in World War I.
Grey duck.
Avon River in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.
Scarecrow in the botanic gardens.
New Zealand World Peace Bell, a replica of the one given to Japan by the United Nations.
Pond in Christchurch Botanic Gardens.
Looking up at the giant sequoia tree in the botanic gardens.
Rose garden in Christchurch Botanic Gardens.
Another view of the rose garden.
Greyhound race at Addington Raceway in Christchurch.
Greyhounds taking off at the start of another race.
St. James Church in Riccarton.
‘185 empty chairs’ – an unofficial memorial for the 185 individuals who died in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.
Inside the Cardboard Cathedral (also known as “the Transitional Cathedral”); made of cardboard, wood, and glass, this cathedral was built as a temporary house of worship after the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.
Exterior of the Cardboard Cathedral.
Large mural on the side of a building in Christchurch.
Old Central Post Office building in Christchurch.
ChristChurch Cathedral, which was severely damaged in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.
‘Chapman’s Homer’ by Michael Parekowhai (2011 AD) – inside the Christchurch Art Gallery.
Double-decker bus in Christchurch.
Room inside ‘Fred and Myrtle’s Paua Shell House’ – a residence that was originally in Bluff, but now is inside the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch.
Boat sheds on the Avon River in Christchurch.
Akaroa Harbor in the Banks Peninsula.
Looking back at Akaroa on a trail.
View of Akaroa Harbor and surrounding mountains on the Banks Peninsula.
View of the Pacific Ocean, from Banks Peninsula.
Following a grassy trail on the peninsula.
Another view of Akaroa Harbor.
One last view of Akaroa Harbor, which is one of the major inlets in the Banks Peninsula.
The Great Kiwi Beer Festival in Hagley Park, Christchurch.
Cup of craft beer, ready to be downed.
Snow-capped Mount Taranaki, as well as snow-capped Mounts Ngauruhoe and Ruapehu in the distance (on the North Island, but seen on a flight to Christchurch).
Southern Alps with Kaikōura Peninsula visible on the coast.
Christchurch and the surrounding farmland.
Frost on a leaf – seen on the Peak Hill Track next to Lake Coleridge.
Southeastern end of Lake Coleridge – under the clouds.
Hiking through the clouds to Peak Hill.
Above the clouds and looking at the rainbow around the shadow of my head on the cloud.
Clouds covering Lake Coleridge.
More of the clouds blanketing the area around Lake Coleridge.
View from Peak Hill; just imagine the clouds are dense ice and this is similar to what the view would have looked like during the Last Glacial Maximum.
Sun shining down on the clouds.
Looking back at the trail that leads up to Peak Hill.
Sheep grazing near Castle Hill.
Limestone boulders on Castle Hill.
Natural arch in the limestone.
Another view of the massive boulders at Castle Hill.
More boulders.
One last view of Castle Hill.
Broken River, near where Cave Stream joins the river.
South entrance to the cave, where Cave Stream flows out.
Cave Stream at the north entrance to the cave.
North entrance, where Cave Stream enters the cave.
Forest in Craigieburn Valley dusted with snow.
Hiking through the woods in Craigieburn Valley.
Trail covered with snow.
View of Craigieburn Valley from the trail.
Rocks on the mountainside partially covered with snow.
Looking down the valley.
Snow and green moss.
Looking up the valley.
Another part of the trail in Craigieburn Valley.
Continuing on the trail with a light-covering of snow all around.
Another view of Craigieburn Valley in the winter.
Sumner Beach, near Christchurch.
Southern end of Taylors Mistake Beach.
Cliffs at Taylors Mistake.
Looking back at Taylors Mistake on the trail to Godley Head.
Cross with Tibetan prayer flags.
Remains of a coastal defense position on Godley Head – part of a military base built in 1939 AD.
Buildings leftover from the military base that was once on Godley Head.
Sun setting on Sumner Beach.
Looking out the window in the Beach Bar at Sumner Beach.
If you gaze long enough into the wine, the wine will gaze back into you.
Hurunui River near Lake Sumner, seen while hiking on the Jollie Brook Circuit.
Gabriel Stream.
Jollie Brook with yellow broom bushes in bloom.
Another view of Jollie Brook with yellow broom bushes.
Overlook of Jollie Brook.
Another view of Jollie Brook from the trail.
Nearing the end of the Jollie Brook Circuit trail, with Hurunui River in view.
Trail on Quail Island – an island in Lyttelton Harbor (the other major inlet in the Banks Peninsula).
Cliffs on Quail Island.
Skeleton of a ship off of Quail Island.
Looking down at a slender strip of beach on Quail Island.
Dock in disrepair on Quail Island.
Waterfall on Avalanche Peak Track in Arthur’s Pass National Park.
View of Arthur’s Pass from the trail.
Approaching the summit of Avalanche Peak.
View of Crow River Valley from Avalanche Peak.
Glacier on Mount Rolleston.
Looking southeast at the Bealey River Valley.
Looking across the valley at Devils Punchbowl Waterfall, seen during the descent from Avalanche Peak on Scotts Track.
Kea stealing someone’s unfinished meal in Arthur’s Pass Village.
Looking eastward at the Waimakariri River from the Bealey Spur Track.
Another view from the Bealey Spur Track.
Looking westward at the Waimakariri River.
View of the mountains to the south of the Bealey Spur Track.
Returning east on the Bealey Spur Track.
Returning to Cave Stream in the summer (when the water is not as cold) to enter through the southern opening and wade through the cave.
Only a short distance inside the cave – my shoes are still dry.
In the cave, wading through mostly knee-deep water (there was only one waist-deep pool, which was the deepest section in the cave); also, the water isn’t too cold and I’m comfortably wearing swim trunks on this journey.
Further into the cave, relying on my headlamp for light and my GoPro camera to document this trek.
Another part of the cave as I make my way to the northern opening.
Short waterfall to climb up on Cave Stream.
Climbing up out of the stream near the end of this trek; it took me approximately 30 minutes to wade through Cave Stream from the southern opening to the northern opening.
The northern opening to this 594-meter long cave that has been carved out by Cave Stream over the years.
Gibraltar Rock in the Omahu Bush Reserve on the Banks Peninsula.
View from Gibraltar Rock, looking toward Lincoln and the Canterbury Plains.
Stream on the trail to Gibraltar Rock.
View of Lyttelton Harbor with the town of Lyttelton and Quail Island visible.
Skiing on Mount Hutt.
View of the Canterbury Plains from Mount Hutt.
Looking west at the Southern Alps, from Mount Hutt.
Dull rainbow in the encroaching cloud.
Clouds covering the Mount Hutt Ski Area.
Hiking on Mount Somers Track – the beginning of a beautiful day.
Canterbury Plains, seen from the trail.
Looking up at Mount Somers.
Mountain range to the west of Mount Somers.
Watching the moonrise on Mount Somers Track.
Part of the Rangitata River near Mount Sunday.
View of the river, a swing-bridge, and Mount Sunday (although, it’s really more of a rocky hill).
Looking northwest toward the two valleys.
Another part of the Rangitata River, which begins where the two valleys intersect – where Havelock River (left) meets Clyde River (right).
Looking toward Havelock River Valley from Mount Sunday.
View of the where the valleys meet, seen from Mount Sunday.
Looking toward Clyde River Valley from Mount Sunday.
Potts River, seen from the trailhead off of Hakatere Potts Road.
Lake Clearwater – a town that appears to be abandoned in the winter.
View of Lake Clearwater, with the twin peaks of Mount Potts in the center.
Lake Heron.
View of Hanmer Springs from Mount Isobel Track.
Dog Stream Waterfall – seen while hiking Mount Isobel Track.
Mueller Lake, seen from the Hooker Valley Track in Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park.
Swing-bridge on the Hooker Valley Track.
Hooker River, seen between Hooker Lake into Mueller Lake.
Hooker Lake with Mount Cook in the distance.
Another swing-bridge on the Hooker Valley Track.
Looking southeast from Mueller Lake on the Hooker Valley Track with the turquoise-colored Lake Pukaki in the far distance.
Lavender farm on the west coast of Lake Pukaki (and north of Ben Ohau).
Church of the Good Shepherd at the southern end of Lake Tekapo.



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