Rhine Gorge

I visited the Rhine Gorge (the portion of the Rhine River from Bingen to Koblenz) several times while living in Germany – mostly passing through by train while traveling to cities and castles further north; however, I did disembark the train to see some villages along the Rhine, such as Sankt Goarshausen, Sankt Goar, and Bacharach.

Altstadt in Sankt Goarshausen.
Statue of a fisherman in Sankt Goarshausen.
Grapevines overhead on Burgstraße.
View of Sankt Goarshausen and Burg Katz, seen from the peninsula where the Loreley statue is located.
Loreley statue – a legendary siren who lived in the area, distracted sailors with her beauty, and who eventually fell from Loreley Rock to her death.
View of Sankt Goarshausen and the bend in the Rhine, seen from the trail to the top of Loreley Rock.
Looking south at the bend in the Rhine from Loreley Rock.
View of Sankt Goarshausen and Sankt Goar (on the opposite side of the river).
Another view of Sankt Goar on the other side of the Rhine.
View of Burg Katz with Loreley Rock in the distance. Burg Katz was originally built in the 14th-century AD, bombarded by Napoleon in 1806 AD, and then rebuilt in 1896-98 AD.
Sankt Goarshausen, seen from the ferry to Sankt Goar.
Oberstraße in Bacharach.
Looking north at Langstraße in Bacharach.
Half-timbered buildings in Bacharach.
More half-timbered buildings and a well.
St. Peter Church – an evangelical church in Bacharach.
Bacharach seen from Postenturm (which is one of the old town wall towers that is still standing).
View of Postenturm from the town.
Ruins of Wernerkapelle, which was a Gothic chapel completed in 1430 AD and served as a stop-over chapel for pilgrims heading to Camino de Santiago in Spain; it was partially destroyed in 1689 AD during the Palatine War of Succession and later the roof, vaults, and cellar walls were removed.
Inner bailey of Burg Stahleck – a castle which is now a youth hostel.
Main tower in Burg Stahleck.
Rhine River, seen from the observation deck near Burg Stahleck.
View of Burg Stahleck from the observation deck.
Bacharach, seen from the park along the Rhine.
Sankt Goar, seen from the docked ferry.


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