I visited Lavaux on two separate occasions: 19 January 2021 and 29 August 2021. It is a wonderful region with terraced vineyards alongside Lake Geneva, multiple towns, and plenty of wineries and “caves” to taste their wine. The primary grape variety grown here is Chasselas, which is vinified into an acidic and fruity white wine that pairs well with either raclette or fondue.


Narrow street in Saint-Saphorin, one of many small towns in Lavaux.
Saint-Saphorin, seen from the terraced vineyards above it.
Terraced vineyards in Lavaux, some of the terraces can be traced back to the 11th-century AD.
View of Vevey from the vineyards above Corseaux.
Looking southwest at Lake Geneva from Corseaux.
Drinking fountain with the following translated inscription: “It is good, but . . . it is not Chardonnay!”
Another, slightly closer, view of Vevey from near Corseaux (the large glass building near the lake is the Nestlé headquarters).
Vineyards in Lavaux, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Another view in Lavaux, looking toward Lutry.
More grapevines in Lavaux.
Looking east, with Villette in view.
Looking west, at vineyard plots in Lavaux.
Grapes ripening in the sun.
View of the vineyards in Lavaux with Lake Geneva.
Statue de Corto Maltese, in Grandvaux.
Multiple vineyard plots in Lavaux.
Approaching Epesses in Lavaux.
Buildings in Epesses.
Miniature monorail used for transporting harvested grapes.
Lavaux vineyards, looking toward Cully.
Short cable car used for delivering harvested grapes to the winery.
Looking toward Saint-Saphorin and Vevey (in the distance) from the terraced vineyards in Lavaux.
The train station at Saint-Saphorin.

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