I visited Bonn on 21 August 2022 to wander around the old capital of West Germany and to see the Museum of Art and Archaeology, Botanical Garden, Egyptian Museum, Beethoven’s birthplace, and the historic city center.


Timeline of human evolution with replicas of different ancestral skulls – found inside the Rheinisches Landesmuseum (or “Museum of Art and Archaeology”) in Bonn.
Original skeletal remains after which the species, Homo neanderthalensis (or H. sapiens neanderthalensis), was named; found in the Neander Valley near Düsseldorf in 1856 AD.
Life-size depiction of a Neanderthal (created by Élisabeth Daynès; Paris, 2020 AD).
Replica of a 35,000 year of a flute made from the wing bone of a whooper swan (original was found in a cave near Weiler).
14,000 year old remains of a man (about 50 years old), woman (about 25 years old), and a dog found buried together in a quarry in Bonn-Oberkassel.
Stone with an engraving of an elk that was made 13,000 years ago.
Gold cup that was imported from Mycenaean Greece (dated to 1800-1600 BC).
Townhouses along Meckenheimer Allee.
View of Poppelsdorf Palace from a pond in the botanical garden.
Another view of Poppelsdorf Palace from the pond.
Flies captured by Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula).
Fly trapped on a thread-leaved sundew (Drosera filiformis).
Giant water lilies in a greenhouse inside the Bonn Botanical Garden.
Close-up of a water lily.
Looking at Poppelsdorf Palace from the nearby gardens.
Bonner Münster – basilica that was built between the 11th- and 13th-century AD.
Foundation brick with the names of the female pharaoh Tawosret (from approximately 1200 BC) – displayed inside the Egyptian Museum in Bonn.
Ancient Egyptian coffin with artifacts found inside.
Mummy face mask found in tomb QH 207, which dates from the Old Kingdom.
Rhine River, seen from the Alter Zoll am Rhein, which was part of a 17th-century AD defensive structure in Bonn.
“Im Mohren” Haus, which is adjacent to the Beethoven-Haus.
Beethoven-Haus – the house where Ludwig von Beethoven was born on 17 December 1770 AD.
Sterntor – a gate that was part of the old city wall protecting Bonn.
Statue of the Three Graces on top of a fountain in Bonn.
Monument to Maximilian Friedrich in Marktplatz, with the Altes Rathaus (“Old Town Hall”) of Bonn behind it.
“Mean Average” – a sculpture by Tony Cragg in Remigiusplatz.
Statue of Beethoven with the old post office behind it – located in Münsterplatz in Bonn.


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