I stayed in Lucerne from 11-13 August 2021, enjoyed the old town with its wooden covered-bridges, and hiked up nearby Mt. Pilatus.


The Spreuer Bridge in Lucerne.
Street in Lucerne.
The Jesuit Church and Chapel Bridge over the Reuss River in Lucerne.
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne.
Looking out the side of the Chapel Bridge.
Triangular paintings in the Chapel Bridge, one of two covered wooden footbridges over the Reuss River in Lucerne.
More triangular paintings in the Chapel Bridge.
The Jesuit Church seen from the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne.
Painted facade on a building in Lucerne.
Walking on Spreuer Bridge.
One of the Totentanz paintings found in the Spreuer Bridge.
View of the Reuss River from the Spreuer Bridge.
Looking east at Lake Lucerne from the Seebrücke.
One of the best stores in the world, found in the underground shopping center at Lucerne train station.
The “McRaclette”, inspired by the Swiss dish and found in the country’s McDonald’s restaurants.
Reuss River in Lucerne at sunrise.
Hotel Château Gütsch in Lucerne.
Chapel Bridge at dawn’s light.
The Jesuit Church and Reuss River in the morning sunlight.
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne at sunrise.
The trail from Alpnachstad to the top of Mount Pilatus.
Lake Lucerne and Bürgenstock.
Midpoint station for the Mount Pilatus funicular.
Funicular leading up to the top of the mountain.
View of the top of Mount Pilatus from the trail.
The trail up to the mountain with Lake Lucerne in the background.
Passing by some cows on the trail up to Mount Pilatus.
Looking back at the trail and the funicular leading to the top of Mount Pilatus.
The gondola lift up to Mount Pilatus with Lucerne in the background.
Hotel Pilatus-Kulm on top of Mount Pilatus.
Looking east from Mount Pilatus at Lake Lucerne.
Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, seen from the southeastern peak.
Two men playing alpine horns on top of Mount Pilatus.
Northeast view with Horw and Lucerne in sight.
Helicopter passing by Mount Pilatus with Lake Lucerne and Bürgenstock in the distance.
The Alpine Chough, or yellow-billed chough, on Pilatus.
Looking southwest, toward the Swiss Alps, from Mount Pilatus.
View of Lucerne from inside one of the tunnels at the top of Mount Pilatus.
Ibex resting near the top of Mount Pilatus.
Reuss River and the old city center of Lucerne, seen from Mount Pilatus.
Nölliturm (built in 1516-1519 AD) with Männliturm in the background – two towers along the old city walls in Lucerne.
Looking at Spreuer Bridge from the old city walls.
The city walls with Luegislandturm and Wachtturm towers visible.
View of Spreuer Bridge and the Reuss River from the Männliturm.
Statue on top of the Männliturm, one of the guard towers on the old city walls of Lucerne.
Wachtturm, the tower built in 1701-1703 AD.
Looking at Lake Lucerne from the city walls.
Löwendenkmal (“Lion Monument”), which commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 AD during the French Revolution, when revolutionaries stormed the Tuileries Palace in Paris (hewn in 1821 AD).
Zytturm, a tower that was originally constructed in 1403 AD on the old city walls.
Chapel Bridge, seen from the Seebrücke (“Sea Bridge”).
Ferries docked in Lake Lucerne.
The Richard Wagner museum in Lucerne (a 15th-century AD country home the composer once lived in), with Mount Pilatus visible in the background.
Bust of Richard Wagner.
Fountain in front of the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre.
Torbogen, located just outside the train station in Lucerne.
Sammlung Rosengart museum, which has many fine works by Picasso.
The Jesuit Church in Lucerne, a Baroque church that was consecrated in 1677 AD.
The interior of the Jesuit Church.
The altar inside the Jesuit Church.
Paintings on the ceilings of the nave and one of the chapels inside the Jesuit Church.
Bottle of 2020 Blauburgunder (“Pinot Noir”) from Hallau, in the canton of Schaffhausen.
Streets in Lucerne.
Chapel Bridge during sunset.
Chapel Bridge after sundown.
The Jesuit Church with evening sky.
Evening just outside the Jesuit Church.

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