I visited Wiesbaden several times while staying in Germany and what follows are some of the photographs taken there.


Christmas tree in the market in Wiesbaden.
Carousel and lights in the Christmas market in Wiesbaden.
Another part of the Christmas market in Wiesbaden, next to the Evangelical Market Church.
Wiesbaden Museum at night.
Wiesbaden Central Station at night.
Wiesbaden Museum in the daylight.
Rhein Main Congress Center.
Evangelical Market Church (or “Marktkirche”) in Wiesbaden.
Statue of Wilhelm I, Prince of Orange from the House of Nassau (the house which controlled Wiesbaden for many years), in front of the Evangelical Market Church.
Lion statue in Wiesbaden.
Fountain fed by a hot spring in Wiesbaden.
Christmas trees and fountain in front of Hessisches Staatstheater in Wiesbaden.
Kurhaus Wiesbaden, which houses a casino inside.
False ruins inside the Kurpark.
Kurhaus seen from the lake in the Kurpark.
Replica of a 2nd-century AD relief found in Wiesbaden that depicts Minerva, Vulcan, and Mercury, as well as the seven gods of the week at the top (left-to-right, Saturday-to-Friday: Saturn, Sol, Luna, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus).
Ferris wheel and Christmas market in Wiesbaden.
St. Bonifatius Church, which was built in 1849 AD in a Gothic Revival style.
Christmas market in Luisenplatz in Wiesbaden.
Trees lit up along Luisenplatz.
Buildings in Wiesbaden.

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