I visited Crans-Montana in Valais from 5-6 July 2021 to see a couple of wineries, go on a hike, and enjoy a ski town in the middle of summer.


View of vineyards from Cave la Romaine, in Flanthey, which is located south of Crans-Montana.
Oak barrels and cuvée in Cave la Romaine.
More vineyards in Valais, not too far from Crans-Montana.
Looking west in Valais.
Looking east in Valais with the Rhône River clearly visible.
Mountains and forest at Crans-Montana.
Part of the trail near Crans-Montana.
Cliffside trail to the west of Crans-Montana.
Passerelle du Bisse du Ro.
Valley west of Crans-Montana.
Trail passing through a field of wildflowers.
Ertentse Creek.
Part of the hiking trail near Crans-Montana.
Lake Tseuzier and the Swiss Alps.
Cross at Crans-Montana.
Viewing Mont Blanc through a telescope with landmark names built-in, found along the trail in Crans-Montana.
Lake Tseuzier, a reservoir nestled up against the mountains that form the border between the Cantons of Bern and Valais.

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