I came to Vevey on 15 June 2021 to see Charlie Chaplin’s old manor, the museum, and the mock studio where scenes from many of his films are recreated for photo opportunities – all together, this site is known as “Chaplin’s World.”


Villa Le Lac, which was designed by native architects and cousins Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret between 1923 and 1924 AD for Le Corbusier’s parents.
Final resting place of Oona and Charles Chaplin in Cimetière de Corsier-sur-Vevey.
Entrance to Charlie Chaplin’s manor, “Manoir de Ban” (which is now part of the museum, “Chaplin’s World” in Vevey); he lived here from January 1953 until his death in 1977 AD.
Study room inside Chaplin’s manor.
Storyboard for ‘The Freak’ (ca. 1969 AD), which is a film Chaplin wrote and conceptualized. but never produced.
Living room of the manor.
Violin bought by Chaplin when he was 16, which he carried everywhere in his youth.
Dining room.
Albert Einstein in the guest bathroom.
Charlie Chaplin in the master bathroom.
Master bedroom with photos of Chaplin from young boy to elderly man.
Feathered costume produced for the never-made film, ‘The Freak’.
Figures of Charles and Oona Chaplin in the room where they used to project films.
Jacket worn by the Hynkel character in ‘The Great Dictator’.
Chaplin’s manor and lawn.
Recreation of a scene from ‘The Kid’ inside the studio at Chaplin’s World.
Film from ‘The Immigrant’.
Recreation of a scene in ‘City Lights’.
Two Academy Awards won by Charles Chaplin.
The Tramp’s hat, cane, and shoes.

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