I visited Auckland 15-17 December 2017 to see the city and watch Paul McCartney in concert (a three-hour long performance with great songs and anecdotes in between songs – easily the best concert I’ve attended). Also, being the primary international hub in New Zealand, I’ve flown in and out of Auckland several other times, but only left the airport one other time, on 12 March 2020 to meet up with a friend, have dinner, and see the harbor at night.


Viaduct Basin in Auckland.
Silos next to Silo Marina.
Looking up at Sky Tower, which stands 328 meters tall and was built in 1997 AD.
‘Saint Andrea Corsini’ by Giovan Francesco Barbieri (1630 AD); the painting was shot by a soldier during World War II while it was in Italy, but now it is displayed in the Auckland Art Gallery.
‘The Execution of Savonarola and Two Companions at Piazza della Signoria’ by a Florentine painter after Francesco Rosselli (16th- to 17th-century AD).
‘For of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven’ by Frank Bramley (1891 AD).
‘The Obliteration Room’ by Yayoi Kusama – an interactive art installation in Auckland Art Gallery where visitors are given colorful dots to stick anywhere they please.
Auckland Town Hall, which was built in 1911 AD.
Sir Paul McCartney performing in Mt. Smart Stadium in Auckland.
Another blurry photo of Paul McCartney performing in Auckland.
View of Auckland from Mount Eden, which is a dormant cone volcano.
Mount Eden’s crater.
Auckland Harbour Bridge at night.
Auckland Airport’s International Terminal – nearly empty during the early period of the COVID-19 hysteria.
Another nearly empty part of Auckland Airport’s International Terminal.


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