I visited Montreux on 15 June 2021, after having visited Vevey and Chaplin’s old manor earlier in the day. The primary draw to coming here was Château de Chillon, a picturesque castle built on the eastern shore of Lake Geneva.


Grand Hotel Suisse in Montreux.
La Suisse, a Belle Epoque paddle steamboat commissioned in 1910 AD.
Freddie Mercury statue at Montreux – he had a place and recorded music in this town.
Walking along the Swiss Riviera at Montreux.
Swan in Lake Geneva.
Château de Chillon, seen from the north; parts of the castle date back to at least the 11th-century AD, but the site was occupied as far back as the Roman times, when an outpost was established there.
Main Tower at Château de Chillon.
Wine being barrel-aged inside the castle.
Graffiti carved on a column in the dungeon – made by prisoners, and later tourists.
Cavern (or dungeon) in the lower part of the Château.
Wooden boards that were used to construct the crown of the vaulted ceiling in the castle’s dungeon and which were never taken down.
Dining Hall inside the Château.
One of the smaller fireplaces found inside the castle.
Stained glass window inside the castle.
Fresco on the wall depicting deer.
View of Montreux from Château de Chillon.
Frescoes on the vaulted roof inside the chapel.
Inside a courtyard in Château de Chillon.
Grand Hall of the Count inside Château de Chillon.
One of many rooms with a large fireplace inside the castle.
Elevated passageway connecting the towers in the castle.
Armour and halberds.
Inner bailey of the Château.
Looking at the tall tower from the southern end of the Château.
Hand-and-a-half sword from the 15th-century AD,
Swiss matchlock hackbut (ca. 1600-1620 AD).
Looking out from the castle’s tall tower, at the Viaduc de Chillon.
Courtyard in the castle.
Château de Chillon, seen from the south.
Another view of Château de Chillon.
Towers on the east side of Château de Chillon.
View from Montreux, looking toward Château de Chillon.
Grand’ Rue in Montreux.

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