I made several visits to the Mosel wine region while I was living in Germany. What follows are some of the photographs I took while I was there.


Vineyards in the Mosel Valley.
Passage through the grapevine trellises.
Different orientations of vineyard rows – found in Mosel.
Mosel River.
The town of Bremm and the Mosel (or “Moselle”) River.
Sharp bend in the Moselle River with the ruins of Kloster Stuben visible.
Another view of Bremm from the vineyards on the steep hillside.
Looking back at the Moselle River.
Street in Bremm.
Corridor inside the Bundesbank Bunker in Cochem; the bunker was built in 1964 AD to withstand a nuclear blast and store 15 billion German Marks, which would be used to replace all banknotes in Germany within 14 days to ensure the stability of the economy in case there was an influx of fake or poisoned money from the East.
Decontamination chamber in the bunker; in the case of nuclear contamination, people would coming in to the bunker would have to shower in cold water for 30 minutes to ensure all hazardous substances were washed off.
Access to the vault is through this 8-tonne reinforced steel door, which requires three keys and a number combination to open.
Inside one of the twelve cages in the vault; during operation (from 1964 to 1988 AD), this vault was used to store up to 26 billion German Marks.
Workroom inside the bunker; at the end of the room is an old copy machine with its lid up.
Reichsburg Cochem – the hilltop castle that overlooks the town.
Moselle River in Cochem.
Gateway to the inner ward of Reichsburg Cochem.
Dining hall inside the castle.
Candelabrum from the 16th-century AD that was a symbol to ward off evil – located in the room above the gateway to the inner ward.
Guild jugs (each capable of holding 3-5 liters) and windows glazed with bull’s-eye panes in the hunting room.
Neo-Gothic fireplace with two heraldic lions (that look like frogs because of the armor) on the mantle – located inside the knight’s hall of the castle.
Knight’s hall, which has 12 oak columns and a stucco ceiling.
View of the Moselle River, from the castle balcony.
Inside the inner ward of the castle.
Looking up at the castle keep.
View of Reichsburg Cochem, which was originally built around 1000 AD, but was destroyed in 1689 AD by Louis XIV’s troops in the Nine Years’ War; it laid in ruins until it was reconstructed in the Gothic Revival style by a Berlin businessman in the late 19th-century AD.
View of Cochem and the Moselle River, from the castle hill.
Marktplatz in Cochem.
Wine bottle vending machine, which requires the German Identity Card or Passport to verify the buyer’s age.
View of Cochem from near the Cochemer Sesselbahn – Bergstation.
Cochem seen from Skagerak-Brücke.



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