I visited Frankfurt for New Year’s, staying there from 29 December 2021 to 1 January 2022. Highlights include the Altstadt, Cathedral, and Städel Museum.


Main River in Frankfurt.
Städel Museum – an art museum in Frankfurt.
Holbeinsteg – a pedestrian bridge over the Main River.
Eiserner Steg (“Iron Footbridge”) over the Main with Frankfurt Cathedral in the distance.
Half-timbered building in Frankfurt’s Altstadt.
Tall Christmas tree in Römerberg (“Roman Mountain”) – the main square in Frankfurt’s Altstadt.
Fountain and the eastern section of Römerberg.
Looking up at the Christmas tree in Römerberg.
Friedrich-Stoltze-Brunnen in the Altstadt.
Looking up at the bell tower of Frankfurt Cathedral.
Looking east at the Main River, from the top of the bell tower.
Looking west at the Main River, from the top of the bell tower.
Frankfurt’s skyline with Römerberg and St. Paul’s Church in view.
Looking at the Europaturm (“Tower of Europe”) – a 337.5-meter tall telecommunications tower.
Doors and sculptures on the north-wing of Frankfurt Cathedral.
North side of the Cathedral’s bell tower.
Altar inside Frankfurt Cathedral; the present Cathedral was completed in 1550 AD and, from 1562 to 1792 AD, emperors-elect for the Holy Roman Empire were crowned here.
Altarpiece inside the Cathedral.
Depiction of the Last Supper displayed inside the Cathedral.
Organ inside the Cathedral.
Triptych inside Frankfurt Cathedral.
Closer view of the buildings on the eastern side of Römerberg – the originals were destroyed in World War II; these reconstructions were built between 1981 and 1984 AD.
Bethmannstraße with a skybridge overhead.
Paulskirche (“St. Paul’s Church”) – a former Protestant church, but now used as a national assembly hall; its political importance dates back to 1848 AD, when the Frankfurt Parliament convened there (the first publicly and freely-elected German legislative body).
Assembly hall inside St. Paul’s Church.
Mural inside St. Paul’s Church.
Another view of Römerberg.
Alte Oper (“Old Opera”), which was originally built in 1880 AD, but later rebuilt (after WWII bombings) in the 1970s.
Fountain in Opernplatz (“Opera Square”) in Frankfurt.

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