Port Moresby

View of Port Moresby, seen from the hotel I stayed at.
Entrance to the National Museum and Art Gallery in Port Moresby.
Relic from World War II on display in front of the National Museum.
Statue found near the entrance inside Port Moresby’s Nature Park.
Victoria crowned pigeon in the bird aviary inside the Nature Park.
Well-groomed jungle located inside the park.
Southern cassowary.
Papuan hornbill.
Screw pine trees in the Nature Park
Doria’s tree kangaroo.
A Trobriand yam house, where yams are stored a few days after the yam harvest celebration every year and are eaten when needed.
Saltwater crocodile.
“Flying foxes” – numerous bats dangling in the tree tops above and shrieking all day long inside Port Moresby’s Nature Park.

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