I first traveled to Southland in 2013 to hike the Milford Track (from 22 to 25 January 2013) and Routeburn Track (from 26 to 28 January 2013, and which starts in Southland and ends in Otago – when hiking west to east), staying in Te Anau to access these two tracks. Later, I returned to Southland to hike the Rakiura Track (from 11 to 13 April 2016) on Stewart Island (staying in Invercargill on 10 April 2016 prior to taking the ferry through very choppy waters in the Foveaux Strait to reach Stewart Island). Then, after returning to the South Island, I traveled back to Te Anau to hike the Kepler Track (from 16 to 19 April 2016, and which is easily reached by foot from the town), as well as visit a glow worm cave next to Lake Te Anau (on 20 April 2016). I took the following photographs while staying in Te Anau and Invercargill.


Giant Takahe statue in Te Anau.
First Presbyterian Church of Invercargill.
Roundabout with memorial and clock in Invercargill.
Grand Hotel and some other early 20th-century AD buildings on Dee Street in Invercargill.
Burt Munro’s “other bike” (i.e. not the “World’s Fastest Indian”) – a 1936 MSS 500 cc Velocette modified to 650 cc and fueled by methanol; the bike has been timed at 138 mph and has done a standing quarter mile in 12.3 seconds.
Close-up of the design on Burt Munro’s motorcycle.
Invercargill Cenotaph – a memorial to those that died in World War I and other overseas conflicts.
Stream in Queens Park, Invercargill.
Japanese garden in Queens Park.
Invercargill Water Tower.
Town Hall and Theater of Invercargill, which was built in 1906 AD – most appropriate to mix politics and theater in the same building, don’t you think?
Boat journey on Lake Te Anau, heading to the glow worm caves.
Impressionist photo of the shoreline on Lake Te Anau.
Sailboat anchored in Lake Te Anau.



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