I traveled to Heidelberg on 26 August 2022 and departed on 28 August 2022. While there, I walked around the old town, hiked up to Heiligenberg, and visited Heidelberg Castle. Below are some of the highlights from this weekend trip.


Heidelberg Castle, built above the historic city center of Heidelberg on the Königstuhl hillside.
Old Bridge Gate, seen from the Old Bridge, which traverses the Neckar River and was erected in 1788 AD.
Steingasse, with the Old Bridge Gate at the end of the lane.
Bell tower of Heiliggeistkirche (“Church of the Holy Spirit”); originally built between 1398 and 1515 AD, it is now an Evangelical Church and the largest church in Heidelberg.
Looking up at the 15th-century AD fresco and balcony inside the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Nave and altar inside the Church of the Holy Spirit, seen from the balcony.
View of the Neckar River, from the bell tower on the Church of the Holy Spirit.
View of Heidelberg Castle, seen from the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Looking down at Hauptstraße from the bell tower on the Church of the Holy Spirit.
View of Jesuitenkirche (“Jesuit Church”) from the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Old Bridge seen from the bell tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit.
Heidelberg Castle seen from Kornmarkt.
Heidelberg Castle seen from Scheffelterrasse, a terrace that is part of the Hortus Palatinus (or “Garden of the Palatinate”).
Neptune Fountain in the Hortus Palatinus (or “Garden of the Palatinate”) – the Baroque garden attached to Heidelberg Castle.
Newt swimming around inside the Neptune Fountain.
Foot path and buildings near the southwest corner of Heidelberg Castle.
Church of the Holy Spirit and the Old Bridge, seen from the Stückgarten at Heidelberg Castle.
View of the historic city center and castle of Heidelberg, seen from Philosophenweg (“Philosopher’s Way”) – a path on the southern side of Heiligenberg.
Trail leading toward the summit of Heiligenberg.
Looking west at the Neckar River and Heidelberg, seen from Fuchs-Rondell lookout point.
Observation tower built from the ruins at Stephanskloster in 1885/86 AD, which was a Benedictine monastery that dates back to 1090 AD.
Thingstätte – an open-air theater built by the Nazis in 1934 AD on Heiligenberg.
Steps leading up to Thingstätte.
View of the stage at Thingstätte, from the back rows.
Ruins of Klosterruine St. Michael – a monastery that began construction in 1023 AD on top of Heiligenberg (“Saints’ Mountain”).
Heidelberg at night, with the castle and old bridge being well-lit; seen from Philosophenweg (“Philosopher’s Way”).
Karlstor – an 18th-century AD Neoclassical Roman-style triumphal arch.
View of Ruprechtsbau (“Ruprecht’s Wing”) in Heidelberg Castle.
Englischer Bau (“English Wing”) with Dicker Turm (“Thick Tower”) in the background – at the northwest corner of Heidelberg Castle.
Close-up of the sculptures on Friedrichsbau (“Friedrich’s Wing”) in Heidelberg Castle.
A giant wine barrel in Heidelberg Castle, but it is not the largest one they have . . .
Heidelberg Tun – the world’s largest wine barrel; constructed in 1751 AD (supposedly from 130 oak trees), it has a capacity of 219,000 litres (or 57,854 U.S. gallons).
Pharmacy dispensary set-up in the German Pharmacy Museum inside Heidelberg Castle.
Herb room, where raw material is processed for different pharmaceutical concoctions.
The façade of Ottheinrichsbau (“Ottheinrich’s Wing”) inside Heidelberg Castle.
Looking up at the façade of Friedrichsbau (“Friedrich’s Wing”) inside Heidelberg Castle.
View of Heidelberg and the Neckar River, seen from Heidelberg Castle.
Looking at Friedrichsbau from the inner courtyard.
View of the Torturm, seen from the main bailey in Heidelberg Castle.
View of the Old Bridge from the terrace at Schlosshotel Molkenkur.
Krämergasse, with the bell tower of the Church of the Holy Spirit in the background.
Façade of the Jesuit Church in Heidelberg.
Interior of the Jesuit Church, which was originally built in 1712 AD.
“Ruach” – a depiction of the Holy Spirit as feminine, by sculptor Bernhard Apfel (1947-2019 AD), inside the Jesuit Church.
Walking down Haspelgasse in Heidelberg.


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