I visited Marlborough several times, as well as lived and worked there for a period. I made several trips to Picton since that is where the ferry service connects the South Island to the North Island. The following photographs are from my first visit to Picton (on 2 November 2016) and taking the ferry from there to Wellington (on 3 November 2016). This is quite typical; barring any exceptional experiences, the first visit is the most memorable – thus the reason for no later photographs taken during my subsequent trips to Picton and across the Cook Strait.


Picton Harbor.
View of the harbor on the Picton Harbor View Track.
Looking back on the trail, toward Picton.
Picton Marina.
Looking back toward Picton Harbor in Queen Charlotte Sound, whilst traveling to Wellington on the Bluebridge Cook Strait ferry.
Sun shining down on Queen Charlotte Sound.
Couple of islands in the sound.
Coast in Queen Charlotte Sound.
Rocky islands that separate Cook Strait (on the left) and Queen Charlotte Sound (on the right).



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