I made several trips to Wellington while living in New Zealand. The country’s capital city is my favorite city in New Zealand – it has a lot more character than the rest (as well as some fantastic museums and cocktail bars) and this is one reason why I visited the city/region a few times. Also, the ferry from the South Island docks in Wellington, so I passed through the city each time I took the ferry between the North and South Islands. Finally, I lived in the region from November 2016 to February 2017, which gave me ample opportunities to explore the area and visit the capital. What follows are some photographs I took while there.


Approaching Wellington on the Bluebridge Cook Strait ferry.
Wellington seen from Lambton Harbor.
Seal at Cape Palliser.
Some more seals at Cape Palliser.
Steps leading up to Cape Palliser Lighthouse.
Lighthouse at Cape Palliser.
Wildflowers at Cape Palliser.
Trail at Putangirua Pinnacles.
View of Putangirua Pinnacles.
Some more pinnacles seen from the trail.
Approaching some of the pinnacles.
Hiking through Putangirua Pinnacles.
Another view of the pinnacles.
Some more towering pinnacles.
One more view of Putangirua Pinnacles.
Sheep grazing in a field near Castlepoint.
Castlepoint Beach.
On the trail to the lighthouse at Castlepoint.
Castlepoint Lighthouse.
Castle Rock.
Looking at the coast south of Castle Rock.
Hiking on the trail to Mount Holdsworth.
View from Mount Holdsworth.
View from the Mt. Holdsworth – Jumbo Circuit trail.
Wildflowers on the trail.
Back below the tree line on the Mt. Holdsworth – Jumbo Circuit.
Tributary to the Waingawa River, seen on the Mt. Holdsworth – Jumbo Circuit.
Dominion Observatory in Wellington.
Artichoke thistle (Cynara cardunculus) in Wellington Botanic Garden.
“The Beehive” – the Executive Wing of New Zealand Parliament Buildings, which was opened in 1977 AD, although completed four years later.
National War Memorial in Wellington.
Closer view of the National War Memorial.
Dominion Museum, which houses “The Great War Exhibition.”
British Webley revolver with bayonet and stock – on display inside “The Great War Exhibition.”
Replica of the U.S. Model 8 experimental helmet; although produced in 1918 AD, none of these helmets saw combat.
Model depicting trench warfare.
Diorama featuring a World War I biplane; Peter Jackson created this exhibition in the Dominion Museum and the biplane is from his personal collection.
Diorama depicting trench warfare with a man using a periscope to sight the enemy.
Diorama with a wounded soldier.
Colored photographs of the ANZACS at Gallipoli – part of “The Great War Exhibition.”
One of the giant figures created by Weta Workshop for the “Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War” exhibition at the Museum of New Zealand (also known as “Te Papa”).
Another giant diorama created for the “Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War” exhibition.
View of Wellington, from Te Papa.
Wellington Sevens (or “New Zealand Sevens”) – the annual rugby sevens tournament in Westpac Stadium in Wellington.
Another game at the Wellington Sevens.
Colorful “Year of the Rooster” decorations on display for the Lunar New Year Festival in Wellington.
Dreamcatcher at Breaker Bay.
Natural arch at Breaker Bay Beach in Wellington.



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