July 19, 2015

Madrid, Spain

Oh boy. Well, after a very late night, I did not arise out of my bed until 16:00 and when I did, my back hurt due to sleeping on a hard bed with an uncompromising pillow. Naturally, after an exhaustingly long night, copious amounts of alcohol, and a great pain in my back, I did not want to do anything today. So, after showering and dressing, I relaxed inside the apartment for most of the day. Eventually, around 21:00, Michelangelo and I exited the apartment and walked to a nearby pizzeria where we each had three different cuts of pizza (actually cut with scissors); I had slices topped with tomatoes and basil, another with bacon, and the last one with ham; to drink, I had beer. After dinner, we walked back to the apartment and lazed about for a while before I eventually went back to sleep. Sleep feels great and this is good preparation for the long sleep to come.

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