July 13, 2015

Pamplona, Spain

Tired from last night, I did not feel like running with the bulls today; so, when my alarm went off at 06:40, I called Michelangelo and told him I would be sleeping in today (after having fallen asleep around 04:00 the night before). I then slept in my comfortable bed until 14:00. Then, I woke up, showered, dressed, and typed out some journal entries. Next, around 17:00, I walked to the Carrefour Express and bought some drinks, wine, and snacks. Once back at the hotel, I typed a little more before opening the bottle of Spanish wine and snacking out on the dates, walnuts, cheese, and salami that I had just bought. After I finished the bottle of wine, Michelangelo called me for dinner (after 20:30). I then met up with him at the hotel lobby and we walked to the Plaza del Castillo, where we found a bar/restaurant we had not tried yet. For dinner, we both had a hamburger with bacon and a beer.

Partiers on Monday night in Pamplona.
Partiers on Monday night in Pamplona.

After dinner, we walked to a nearby photograph shop that sells pictures from each day’s encierro; Michelangelo and I managed to find some decent photographs with us clearly visible and we ordered two pictures to be developed (they would be ready for pick-up the next day). We then wandered around for a short while before returning to the hotel. Back in my room, I relaxed and typed away on my laptop some more before finally going to sleep after 02:30.

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