January 15, 2015

Nairobi, Kenya

I woke up today after 08:00, showered, got dressed, said goodbye to the New Zealand woman who was flying back to her current home in Lagos, and had breakfast (watermelon, pineapple juice, fried egg, sausage, toast with butter and honey, and coffee). I then decided that I would relax today and take care of some business since I had seen most of what I wanted to in Nairobi (exceptions being the Mamba Village, which has crocodiles and ostriches, and Nairobi National Park, which has safaris, albeit, not as spectacular as anything I saw on the Serengeti); so I typed out some journal entries, started my applications to two universities, and read more of ‘Islands on the Stream’. In the afternoon, I left the lodge compound and walked to a cafe that has a wine happy hour; sadly, the happy hour wine comes from only boxed wine, no decent bottles are available; so I had a Castle Milk Stout and drank that while watching the television, which was airing the Academy Awards nominations (all the Best Picture nominees look interesting this time around and I would like to watch them all). After finishing my beer, I walked back to the lodge, read some more, and then had dinner after 19:00. For dinner, I had breaded chicken and French fries; I also used liberal dosing of ketchup and garlic chili sauce to give it some taste. After dinner, I retired to my room, finished typing out journal entries, and went to sleep.

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