January 05, 2015

Moshi, Tanzania

I woke up after 07:00 and went downstairs to the hotel’s restaurant to have some breakfast (bread and jam, fried potato slices with peppers and onions, baked beans, bananas, and coffee). After breakfast, I relaxed in the hotel until 11:00, when I walked in to Moshi Town; I first walked to the bank to grab more cash to pay for my five-day safari and then I walked to the tour company office to pay the remainder of my bill and to finalize the details for tomorrow (mainly, what time I would be picked up); then I walked back to my hotel to have lunch and relax some more. For lunch I had seasoned potato wedges (they were boiled and sitting in a sauce with some diced vegetables – very different than the fried potato wedges with seasonings I had expected based on the name), a chicken and pineapple pizza, and a couple of beers. I then went back to my room, received my laundry from the hotel, and had some more beer as well as the wine I had bought yesterday. First I tried a miniature bottle of South African Premier Grand Cru which tasted of green apple, lime, musk, leather, and vanilla; then I had the miniature bottle of South African Claret Select which tasted of strawberry, cherry, freshly cut grass, and molasses; both were very tasty and enjoyable. At this point I was pretty tired and laid down in bed while listening to music. I fell asleep sometime after 18:30.

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