August 31, 2015

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

I woke up not feeling much better than yesterday (my throat was still in a great deal of pain and swallowing was a painful, though necessary task), showered, dressed, and walked downstairs to the restaurant to eat lunch. For lunch, I had the chili con carne again along with soup, salad, bread, and beer. I then took an afternoon nap just like yesterday. Upon waking up from my nap, I walked downstairs to eat dinner and had the chicken cordon bleu, French fries, soup, salad, bread, and beer. After dinner, I returned to my bed and tried to sleep, but it was difficult with all of the inconsiderate guests in the dorm room (I am beginning to hate hostels; although the ones in the Balkans and Eastern Europe are nice, as well as some of the ones I stayed at whilst in Southeast Asia). Eventually, I fell asleep well after midnight.

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