August 24, 2015

Casablanca, Morocco

A bottle of Moroccan Syrah.
A bottle of Moroccan Syrah.

I woke up around noon today and had no motivation to see anymore of Casablanca (it isn’t an interesting or beautiful city). So, I showered, relaxed, laid in bed, and watched Fritz Lang’s ‘Cloak and Dagger’. Later on, after 18:00, I exited the hotel and walked to the nearby supermarket where I bought a bottle of Moroccan Syrah, nuts, chocolates, and popcorn. I then walked to the Pizza Hut and bought a Pepsi and chicken, green pepper, and onion pizza to go (I still was not going to take any chances on a local restaurant. With pizza, wine, and snacks in hand, I returned to my hotel room and kicked back some more. After eating the pizza, I took my first solid shit in about two weeks – since I was food poisoned in Fes (it looks like I may have finally beaten this sickness; the second week wasn’t that bad, but the first week was miserable and I couldn’t stray too far from the toilet during this period). I then drank my wine (it wasn’t really good, but I would rate it as okay; it tasted of raspberries and spices, but it was too tart and acidic) and watched some more YouTube videos. Finally, around 03:00, I went to sleep.

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