August 21, 2015

Marrakesh, Morocco

I woke up around 13:00 today (my sleep schedule is currently fucked up – I blame the midday heat in this country, which leaves me with no desire to go outside until after 15:00) and quickly set off to work. I began updating the website and typing out descriptions for the last of the Italy photos. I took several breaks throughout my work and this whole process lasted until after 21:00, but at least I had finally finished updating all the past pages on the site. Hopefully I will never get this far behind again (I may need to start doing lines of coke to get the energy I need). Anyway, while I was working, I ate the cookies I had bought yesterday, finished the bottle of Sprite, and drank about a liter and a half of water. Also, I actually managed to stay in my room all day and not face the sun, smells, and scammers that are indigenous to this place. After finishing my work, I then relaxed on my bed and read the latest news on the internet. Later on, I tried to go to sleep, but was not able to until around 03:00.

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