August 17, 2015

Marrakesh, Morocco

I woke up today around 09:00, showered, dressed, packed my bags, and checked out of the hotel. I then walked to the Rabat Railway Station and bought a ticket to Marrakesh. I had to wait over an hour for the train to Marrakesh to arrive and I had a coffee in the station’s restaurant while I waited. The train finally arrived after 11:00 and I then found my seat and rode the train for about five hours. The train made its way south through the uninteresting Moroccan landscape and I was fortunate enough to be feeling okay during the entirety of the journey (my gastrointestinal system was better thanks to the medicine I had been taking in Rabat, but a couple of days later I discovered that the medication had only subdued the illness and I would have to wait several more days before my body ridded itself of this infection).

The train finally arrived in Marrakesh after 16:00. I exited the station with my bags and walked southward to the Medina. Fuck taxi drivers. I reached the medina after about forty-minutes or so of walking and I soon found the riad/hotel I was lodging at, which was located just south of the square of Djemaa El-Fna (a large square with many snake charmers, fortune tellers, performers, and other scammers). Once at the hotel, I checked in, entered my room, and relaxed for a while, waiting for my body to stop sweating (at least this riad had air-conditioning as advertised unlike that shithole I stayed at in Fes). After 19:00, I walked to the rooftop terrace restaurant and ate the first Moroccan meal I had in a while (chicken and orange tagine, couscous with seven types of vegetables, bread, and soda). After dinner, I returned to my room and relaxed some more before falling asleep some time well after midnight.

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