August 14, 2015

Rabat, Morocco

I woke up after 11:00 feeling slightly better than yesterday (I guess the medication I bought yesterday is working its magic), but I still opted to take it easy today. I showered and relaxed inside my room, typing away on my laptop, filling in past journal entries. Around 13:00, I exited the hotel and walked to the market, passing by a mosque that had just wrapped up a prayer (there were many people outside the mosque’s grounds that were listening in on the service via the loudspeaker and had just gotten up from their prayer rugs). I soon noticed that almost everything was closed, including the market, and I then remembered that today was Friday, the Muslim holy day. So, I returned to the hotel and typed away at my laptop some more. I made some decent progress, but did not complete as much as I had wanted to by dinner time and at 19:30, I exited the hotel again. This time, many more places were open and I stopped at the market to buy water and some cheesy puffs to snack on. I then walked to a pizza place and ordered a pizza to go. Once back in my hotel room, I ate my pizza (mushrooms and halal salami) and drank some Coca-Cola and water. I continued to work on my journals and I also did research for my future travel plans, booking hostel/hotel rooms for when I planned to be in Berlin and Munich. I worked through the night and came up with a schedule that made sense for the next two months (I had originally planned on finishing my travels around this time to go back to the States and start school in August/September, but as things worked out, I now plan on going to school in New Zealand, which will not start until February, thus giving me an extension on my travels – until late October now). Eventually, I went to sleep around 06:00 – I had hard time trying to sleep.


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