August 12, 2015

Rabat, Morocco

I was still feeling ill from my traveler’s diarrhea or whatever I may’ve procured. I woke up around noon, showered, dressed, and walked out of the hotel. I made my way to the nearby market and bought some more drinks (Coca-Cola and water) and some breakfast cereal (to snack on). I then returned to the room and relaxed some more before heading out to eat dinner. I decided on McDonalds again even though the thought of it made me queasy (I wasn’t ready to try a local restaurant given my current condition and remembering how I most likely ended up sick to begin with – filthy water used to clean drinking glasses and vegetables). So, I walked to the nearby McDonalds, where I saw a group of protesters singing and marching toward the railway station. Near the railway station, there were quite a few police and military soldiers standing around in riot gear. I have no idea what this was all about (I couldn’t find any news stories on the internet), but it did look peaceful. Anyway, at the McDonalds, I ordered a Big Mac, chicken McNuggets, French fries, and a coke. I then returned to my room, ate my dinner, and relaxed for the remainder of the day, feeling extremely lazy. I eventually fell asleep sometime around 02:00.

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