August 10, 2015

Fes, Morocco

I was still feeling pretty ill after be infected with a stomach bug, so I stayed in the room most of the day and night. The young Taiwanese couple left in the morning and I watched the maid just straighten-out and dust the bed sheets, but she may have done this thinking the couple were staying another night since I had remembered hearing they had planned for four days in Fes; I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut their visit short on account of the room being very hot and on account of the Taiwanese woman being afflicted with some sort of stomach bug as well. Anyway, I laid in my bed wearing as little as possible with a fan aimed directly at me to help alleviate me from the heat (although, this day was noticeably not as hot as the previous three days). I was still sweating quite a bit and I couldn’t help but hope that they actually do change sheets in this shitty hostel, but I don’t think they do – sucks for the next person . . . and me and everyone else who stays here. Later on, a Spanish man came in and took an empty bed (not one of the ones used by the Taiwanese), before heading out again to see Fes.

I avoided the sun and the heat of the day, staying cooped up until early evening. I then went out and bought some more water and juice from the medina to help me rehydrate all the water I had lost from my body due to the sweat and diarrhea. I relaxed some more in the room and had no appetite to eat anything (I was also too scared to gamble on eating anything again in the medina, not wanting to get another parasite or bacterial infection). So I relaxed and roamed through the internet until I fell asleep sometime after 01:00. At least this place has a decent internet connection, otherwise it would’ve truly been a horrid prison. I was glad to be leaving the next day and could not wait to get out of Fes and away from the heat and nauseating smell of putrid trash.

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