August 07, 2015

Fes, Morocco

I woke up around 11:00 and then had to wait for the other five guests in the dorm room to finish cycling through the bathroom before I could use it. The four Spaniards departed the hostel to stay at another one that a friend of theirs was at (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they left on account of the stifling heat in this dorm room that has no air-conditioning – despite the page on claiming otherwise – I’m still a bit annoyed at fraudulent lies like that) and we said our farewells. I then showered and dressed, but decided not to do anything today since I had gotten a late start today and since I still had three more days in Fes (I would come to regret that). So, I laid in my bed most of the day, browsing the internet and trying to stay as cool as possible, but sweating quite a bit regardless. Later on, a Taiwanese couple came in to the dorm room and they relaxed on their beds during the mid-day heat, only leaving after 17:00, when the air began to cool again. I continued to relax until around 20:00, when I left the hostel to search for some food. I walked through the winding, narrow streets of the medina, and came across a decent looking restaurant that was part of a riad (traditional Moroccan house) with rooms for rent. I walked upstairs and sat down on the rooftop terrace and dined on bread, olives, chicken tajine with apricots, and water and a coke. After dinner, I stopped at the market and bought some more drinks to hydrate with. I then returned to the hostel and relaxed on my bed until falling asleep sometime after 01:00 (it’s hard to fall asleep in this heat).

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