August 04, 2015

Tangier, Morocco

I woke up after 10:30 today, showered, dressed, and then relaxed in the hostel. I had planned on visiting the Kasbah today, but discovered that it is closed on Tuesdays (shame, since we have a clear blue sky today in Tangier; hopefully tomorrow will bring similar weather). So, I decided to relax all day today and do nothing but read and laze around. I finished reading the biography of Orde Wingate (sort of a downer since the man died shortly after the Chindits began their five-month operation in Burma and did not see end of the war) and then I read Xenophon’s ‘The Memories and Thoughts of Socrates’, which I enjoyed (there are many great lessons in that book). Since I was so busy reading, I had no appetite for food (just knowledge, la-di-da); as a consequence, I ended up not eating anything today. But I did have plenty of juice and water to fill my stomach with. Toward the end of the night, I laid down in my bed and read Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’, which I thought was appropriate here in Morocco (where the Moor most likely hails from). Later on, some new guests came in to the room (two guys and one gal, all from California), so I no longer had the place to myself. After finishing up ‘Othello’, I finally went to sleep (I don’t remember when, but I think it was around 02:00).

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