September 03, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

I awoke from my wine coma at about 02:00 this morning; I was up for the next few hours and spent the time researching hostels to stay in while in Bangkok; I then eventually fell asleep again sometime after 05:00.

I woke up during the day at 09:00 and had some trouble staying awake and then getting out of bed. I showered, dressed, packed my bags, and then walked the hundred meters or so to the Railway Station; once there I found out that the next train to Bangkok would not leave until 12:18; so I walked to the nearby 7-11, bought some snacks and drinks, and hung out at the restaurant in the hostel I stayed at until it was time to leave for good. I walked back to the train station at 12:00, bought my ticket (it was only fifteen baht!), waited for the train to arrive, and then boarded one of the economy cars on the train. The train then clickity-clacked south to Bangkok, taking about two hours to reach the end of the line – Bangkok Railway Station. I then grabbed my bags and walked to a promising hostel I found online early this morning when I first woke up. I walked west through the streets and in less than a half hour I was there. I checked in to a four-person dormitory (which I have all to myself for the time being) and then relaxed and typed some journals on my laptop. When it was time for dinner, I left the hostel with camera and umbrella, and walked to Khao San Road (a famous street for backpackers to lodge and drink at).

Khao San Road at night.
Khao San Road at night.

It was about a ten minute walk away, past many temples and monuments; when I reached it, it was rather dismal (perhaps because of the rain shower); the street had vendors lined up on both sides, there were some cheap looking pubs, not a whole lot of people, and their were a few freelance girls trying desperately to sell their bodies (one grabbed my arm begging me to take her for the night, so I snapped at her like a dog protecting its food dish from outside invaders; it is sad though, she’s probably been drugged and fucked since she was twelve years old and doesn’t know any other life – she was also at that turning point in her life, from youthful beauty to used-up old hag, thus the desperation). I then quickly walked through Khao San Road and then walked through the side-winding alleyways surrounding Khao San, which were much better – there were plenty of nice looking restaurants, less vendors, and less whores. I found a worthy establishment for my money and had a green curry chicken soup, Thai fried rice with prawns, and a banana smoothie. After dinner, I walked back through Khao San (much livelier now that it was later and the rain had temporarily stopped. I then walked back to my hostel, bought a beer and some tea along the way, entered the hostel, drank my beer and tea, relaxed, and then went to sleep.

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