October 18, 2014

Kathmandu, Nepal

Today was my final preparation day for my Annapurna Circuit trek. I woke up, had breakfast (a banana pancake with honey and a cup of tea mixed with milk). I then walked back to the North Face store to check out their gear (looking at sandals and gloves this time around). I then walked back to Shona’s and rented a down sleeping bag and a down jacket; I also ended up buying a map, batteries, bandana, and other gear (coming back later in the day for some more). I dropped all this stuff off at the room in the hostel, packing most of it in my bag. I then left again to walk back to the North Face shop to buy sandals and winter gloves; I then returned to the hostel and dropped this stuff off. Then I walked to a shoe repair shop (a man sitting on the floor in a side room just of the road with the world’s smallest ceiling fan above him) and I had a hole in my right shoe stitched up (I’m hoping these shoes will hold out long enough for me to finish the trek). I then walked back to the room and researched some information on the internet before having to walk out again, this time to the Nabil Bank, to withdraw some more cash for this trek. I then walked back to the hostel and packed my bag in preparation for the hike; then I typed out some journal entries before leaving the hostel again to buy some extra supplies at the super market; after dropping these supplies off, I went out to eat dinner (I had a pizza with spinach, onions, and garlic). I then returned to the hostel, talked with the German guy and another German man who had just returned from the Annapurna Circuit; later I worked on updating the website, and then I finally went to sleep.

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