October 13, 2014

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka seen through an IR filter.
Dhaka seen through an IR filter.

I woke up today after sleeping in late. I then worked on journal entries inside my room for the remainder of the morning. After noon, I went up to the hotel’s roof to take a photo of Dhaka with my infrared cut-off filter; the filter didn’t work so well since the center of the photograph was lighter than the rest (it was a cheap filter, perhaps top-of-the-line filters would’ve produced better results); also, it did not help that it was cloudy outside. After that venture in to IR photography, I walked back to my room and put my camera and tripod away; I then exited the hotel and walked to the National Museum. The National Museum of Bangladesh has two floors of exhibits and covers the geological history of the region, flora and fauna found in the country (there is an endangered creature known as a “Leopard Cat” that looks like a domestic cat (same size), but has a leopard pattern on its coat – it would make a cool pet), architectural styles, arts and crafts from the indigenous people, Hindu and Buddhist sculptures (many made in the eleventh century out of blackstone and wood), well done wood-workings, paintings, and an extensive exhibit on the Liberation War in 1971. After walking around the museum, I exited the building and walked back to the hotel, tempted by fast food along the way (I did stop for snacks before heading back up to my room). Back inside the hotel room, I typed out some more journal entries, watched television, updated the website, and finally went to sleep.

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