October 11, 2014

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I spent today relaxing in the hotel, watching television, reading the news, researching Nepal, and eating in the restaurant on the nineteenth floor. I started my day off with a breakfast of cornflakes with milk, bread and butter, and coffee. I then went back inside my room, read from the Book of Daniel, and watched the Discovery and History channels (both are a far cry from their glorious past, when they actually had more educational programming). In the afternoon, I had a lunch of bread, a large plate of Szechuan chow mein, and water. I then watched some more television, researched universities and Kathmandu on the internet, read current news stories, periodically observed the rain falling outside through my window pane, and worked on my chronicles. It did rain throughout a large part of the day, so I didn’t miss too much outside. I also watched ‘Machete Kills’ on one of the movie channels here; it was certainly entertaining, but obviously retarded – I felt ashamed for having viewed it. Then, without work or any real reason to wake up early in the morning, I stayed up late before finally going to sleep. I suppose this period of inactivity and rest is useful for my body because come Nepal, I will be hiking in the mountains for twenty days or so.

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