November 18, 2014

Kathmandu, Nepal

I woke up past 07:00 and eventually mustered up the strength to get up out of bed. I then showered, dressed, and had breakfast in the hostel (fried eggs, fried potatoes, toast with jam and butter, and coffee). I then left the hostel and walked to the Zen Experience Spa; upon finding the establishment, I walked in to the spa, ordered a massage, was treated to a cup of tea, and was then led to the private room where I received an Ayurvedic massage (a combination of aromatic oils, kneading, and application of pressure points); this massage was fantastic and I felt great afterwards; my masseuse applied just the right amount of pressure needed on my tense tissue (her hands worked like magic); I also think I got more than the scheduled hour massage (it felt like ninety minutes). After my massage, I relaxed in the sauna and steam room, sweating out all the toxins built up inside my body. After showering and dressing, I walked back to the reception, paid my bill and tipped the masseuse, and then had a complimentary cup of coffee. I then walked back out in to the day. Wanting more and not quite satisfied, I walked to another spa (Himalayan Retreat Spa, located near the hostel I’m staying at – I made today a “spa day” – it has been six months since i started traveling, why not treat myself to some wonderful pampering on this milestone?) and ordered a Himalayan Hot Stone massage; I’m not sure what the difference is between a “Himalayan Hot Stone massage” and a regular “Hot Stone massage”, but during my ninety minute session, small stones were heated in oil, rubbed against my skin, and then placed on various parts of my body; overall this massage was not as well done as the Ayurvedic massage I had just had (this may be due to the quality of therapists treating me) and my muscles were not as massaged as I would’ve liked (it was mostly a soft rub that I received, but the hot stones felt great), but I enjoyed the relaxing nature of the massage and almost fell asleep during the session. After the massage, I hung out in the sauna and steam room (more spacious and better facilities than the Zen Experience Spa) before showering and dressing (after my spa experiences today, I felt completely rejuvenated, like a born again nobody. I then left the spa at 16:45 and rushed to the Indian Visa Application building; I arrived shortly before 17:00, walked in, and received my passport with Indian Visa shortly after arriving. I then walked back to Thamel, had dinner at an Irish Pub (I had a beer and bangers and mash), bought a bottle of French Syrah, cheese, and olives, and then returned to the hostel. I then spent the remainder of the night typing away journal entries and updating my website; whilst listening to ‘The Endless River’ (critical review: “it is awesome”) and drinking the bottle of Syrah (it tasted of raspberries, blackberries, and green peppers). Eventually, I went up to the dormitory room and fell asleep.

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