June 08, 2014

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I woke up today after a cold and nearly sleepless night (thankfully I did manage to get some sleep – also, I did notice that it is only pitch dark in Mongolia this time of year for about four hours – 23:00-03:00). The woman renting the bed to me came in and made me breakfast (toast, eggs, and coffee) and I packed my bags to travel back to Ulaanbaatar. She waved down a random automobile to take me to the airport for a small fee (the Mongolian way!). During the drive, the woman behind the wheel tried to ask me questions but only knew about ten English words – her daughter knew about eleven. Also, on the way to the airport, I got to hear a Mongolian ballad that has been playing continuously throughout this country on the radio during my time here (it seemed to play all day yesterday).

Glass of Seabuckthorn alcohol with emptied bottle.
Glass of Seabuckthorn alcohol with emptied bottle.

I checked into the airport and soon I was off to Ulaanbaatar, looking out the window of my Fokker-50 (operated by Hunnu Airlines). I reached Ulaanbaatar in about an hour and fifteen minutes, got a taxi cab at a reasonable price (15,000 ₮), and had a terrifying drive back to the guesthouse I had stayed at before. I checked in and then hurried up to shower, do laundry, and pray. I then went to the State Department store to buy a bottle of Seabuckthorn alcohol (16%); it tasted like the juice I had had earlier, only less sweet and tangy and a decently strong alcohol taste. I also had a bottle of aloe vera juice which was very refreshing.

After finishing off the bottle of seabuckthorn alcohol and hanging my clothes to dry, I went out to eat at a Broadway Pizza restaurant (a chain restaurant found throughout the city of Ulaanbaatar) where I had an Americano, Chinggis Khan beer, and a Broadway Pizza (naturally). I then went back to the guesthouse and talked a short while with some of the other guests. In the late evening I packed most of my belongings for tomorrow and then went to sleep. It was a rather uneventful day.

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