July 29, 2014

Legian, Indonesia

Pura found on an alley corner in Legian.
Pura found on an alley corner in Legian.

Ahhhh, another lazy day. I woke up early today thinking I had a 08:35 flight to Singapore, but upon checking my confirmation email again, I saw it was actually a 20:35 flight; I then double and triple checked the e-ticket just to make sure my mind wasn’t trying to trick me to gain more sleep. What was I thinking? I usually always book the reasonably earliest flight. Oh well. I showered and read from the Book of Kings for a while before dozing off again. I then woke up for lunch and walked to a restaurant for some beer and pizza, continuing to read about the viciousness of early Israelite kings – their ruthlessness puts many of the Roman emperors to shame (of course there were some righteous and good kings, but other than David, they were all heavy sinners). Later I hung out in the hostel for a while until I decided to go to the airport. Luckily I decided early because it took one hour for a taxi to come to the hostel; I was originally going to just walk out to Legian Street and hail a cab, but the hostel staff insisted on calling one for me; I’m not sure which method was best, but I could’ve walked the five kilometers to the airport in an hour (sure I would’ve been drenched in sweat, but it would’ve saved me money). Once I got in the airport I tried to find a suitable power outlet to power my iPhone, but the only available outlets were right outside the restrooms. Oh well. I then ate a lot of mini frankfurters and two normal sized ones at a restaurant that specializes in that cuisine in the airport. Finally, I boarded the plane and I watched as much of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and drank as much wine as I could during the 140 minute flight; to my surprise the film was completely unedited by Royal Dutch Airlines (good thing I was sitting next to two young Canadians as opposed to some old devout [insert religion here] fanatic). Side Note: three places I’ve gone to on my trip (Ulaanbaatar, Hong Kong, and Singapore) all have had posters for Jordan Belfort’s motivational speaking tour; apparently throughout this summer he is traveling to many of the same spots I am and, if I didn’t go to Khatgal in Mongolia, I probably would’ve tried to attend his speech in Ulaanbaatar on June 6th. Finally we landed in Singapore and thankfully it was near midnight – too late for any employee to actually do there job; so I made it through customs with my pills and knife still in my bag, and without any hassle over my hippie appearance – they do “random” drug tests in Singapore regardless if you’re a citizen or have never been to Singapore before; of course I have never touched outlawed drugs before in my life (as far as I know . . . or can remember), but I would hate to be detained to pee in a cup and then wait for it to be tested; besides, its absurd to try to jail someone who has drugs in their system even though they didn’t do any illegal substances in Singapore. Bah! Oh well. I then walked through the airport and passed by a restaurant named “Heavenly Wang” – the inner-juvenile in me chuckled at that. Then, since it was too late to take the MRT, I took a taxi to my hotel. I checked in to the hotel and then made some calls back to the United States concerning a business deal – luckily there was a kind man from India working at the local 7-11 who let me use his cell phone since my prepaid phone card would not work on the pay phone outside and the hotel I’m staying at is staffed by either stingy or stupid people (I explained how a prepaid phone card works multiple times and the employee at the desk must’ve feigned understanding). Finally, after a very late night, I went to sleep.

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