Just the Pictures (Canada)

Standing on the 49th Parallel at the border between the United States and Canada, looking east at Upper Waterton Lake.
Looking west at the border, from within Waterton Lakes National Park.
Swirling Mist Falls, seen on the trail to Crypt Lake.
Looking down the valley with Hell Roaring Creek.
Chipmunk on the trail.
Some dead trees still standing tall, as monuments to their lives.
Crypt Lake.
Crypt Falls.
Looking back at the portion of the Crypt Lake trail that goes through a tunnel on the side of a mountain.
Another part of the Crypt Lake trail.
Wild berries found on the trail – they look like Oregon grape berries (Mahonia aquifolium).
View of part of Middle Waterton Lake, Upper Waterton Lake, and the Prince of Wales Hotel.
Prince of Wales Hotel – completed in 1927 AD, it was designed by and built for the Great Northern Railway.
Wild cherries.
Deer with the Prince of Wales Hotel in the background.
Ominous clouds at dusk.
Part of Red Rock Canyon in Waterton Lakes National Park.
Looking down at Red Rock Canyon.
Valley in Waterton Lakes National Park.

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