September 28, 2015

London, England, Great Britain

Well, four days of busy site seeing and two consecutive early morning wake-ups took its toll on me and I kept hitting snooze until I awoke at 11:00 and even then I did not get out of bed until after noon. I then showered, dressed, enjoyed two cups of coffee in the hostel’s kitchen, got ready, and still could not bring myself to do anything today. Originally I had planned to see the famous Abbey Road crosswalk early in the morning before the roads were busy with traffic and yahoos, but my sleeping in dashed that plan. I had also considered going to Westminster Abbey and touring the historic church for a cost of 20+ GBP, but it was scheduled to close at 15:30 today and by the time I was ready, it was 13:30 – not a lot of time. My last plan was to tour the Tower Bridge, but it didn’t seem particularly worth it based on online reviews. So, I didn’t have much motivation to leave the hostel (too bad I didn’t stay up to watch the Super Blood Moon last night since I wasn’t doing shit today). I ended up relaxing in the common area doing research via the internet on the next two cities on my itinerary (Edinburgh and Dublin); unfortunately London has a lot more going on and I did not take proper advantage of this city (at least in terms of activities; I am satisfied with all they I saw). Anyway, I didn’t leave the hostel until after 19:30, when I walked to a pub and restaurant to eat a proper meal. For dinner, I had a stout beer, three sliders (pulled barbecue pork with pickles, chicken with hot sauce and cheese, and lamb with feta), and fish and chips with mushy peas. It took about an hour to get any food and I was getting ready to pay for the pint of stout I had and walk out, but the waiter soon came with a pint on the house and an apology (smart move). After finally being served the food, I devoured it with haste, finished my beer, paid my bill, and walked out of the restaurant. I then walked to the nearby grocer and bought some beer and snacks before returning to the hostel. I spent the next couple of hours reading news on the internet, researching, drinking beer, and snacking out before going to bed. I fell asleep sometime after 02:00.


An open journal or an exercise in narcissism.