September 20, 2015

Munich, Germany

Yeah, I didn’t celebrate Oktoberfest today. I woke up still drunk and I played witness to my inebriation giving way to a hangover. I was too tired to get out of bed and stayed there most of the day, trying to remember when I left the beer hall and how exactly I got back to the hotel/hostel. My memory was spotty at best and I could clearly recollect falling asleep in the beer hall yesterday, deciding to leave, and then regaining self-awareness around 22:30 as I was walking back to the hotel/hostel in the rain. There were about two hours missing from my memory and I’m not sure if I had spent most of that time in the beer hall or wandering around Munich trying to get back to my room. Whatever the case, I made it back around 23:10.

Anyway, I stayed in my room pretty much the entire day, recuperating, and reflecting on yesterday. Eventually, after 19:00, I walked to the nearby Subway restaurant and ate a tuna sub with chips and an iced tea. After dinner, I walked in to the subterranean shopping/metro area and bought some snacks at a small grocery store there. I then returned to my room, ate my snacks, and relaxed some more, unable to go to sleep until about 03:00. Truly, a waste of a day, but I suppose I needed it. Fuck my life.

An open journal or an exercise in narcissism.