September 18, 2015

Munich, Germany

I woke up at 10:00 this morning and showered and dressed and packed my bags. I then checked out of the hotel and walked to the Nuremberg Main Station and bought a train ticket to Munich. The train departed the station at 11:28 and I rode it for a little more than an hour before arriving in Munich.

The train stopped at the Munich Main Station at 12:42 and I disembarked with my bags. I then walked to the hostel/hotel that I was staying at, which happened to be close to the railway station. Upon arrival at the hostel/hotel, I checked in, was tagged with a wristband (to identify which hostel/hotel I was staying at just in case I became too inebriated – no joking), but could not move in to my room until after 15:00. So, I sat near the bar, ate some chocolate (one of the squares I had purchased last night) and drank a beer while researching and reading news on the internet. Later on, I went through the photographs I had taken during the las several days. Finally, after 15:30, I received my single room key (I chose to have my own room while staying here) and I stored my bags in the room. I then left the hostel/hotel and went shopping for lederhosen. I ended up at a department store and bought okay lederhosen, a shirt, socks, and shoes (these were not the topmost quality, but they would do for someone who does not live in Bavaria). After purchasing these items, I bought a hat at another store, thus completing the costume and readying me for Oktoberfest, which starts tomorrow. I then returned to my room in the hostel/hotel and went through the rest of the photographs before exiting the hotel/hostel again, this time for food. I ate at a nearby restaurant and had a Bavarian sausage plate of fiery Debreziner, Wienerle, Rostbratwürstel, and Weisswurst (“white sausage”) with sauerkraut, crispy fried onions, and potato puree; I also had a wheat beer. After dinner, I returned to the hostel/hotel and typed some journal entries. Later on, after 0:00, I went downstairs to the hostel/hotel’ s bar and had a liter of draught beer amongst a crowd of really loud and rowdy Australians. After finishing my beer, I went back up to my room and worked for a while before falling asleep after 02:00.

An open journal or an exercise in narcissism.