September 15, 2015

Nuremberg, Germany

I woke up today at 07:40, showered, dressed, and packed my bags. I then checked out of and exited the hostel. I walked to the nearest S-Bahn station (Oranienburger Strasse Station) and rode the train to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (NOTE: I never once saw an official check passengers’ tickets and I can’t help but feel like a sap for buying a ticket each time I rode the S/U-Bahn*). I then had about an hour before my train to Nuremberg departed, so I had breakfast (courtesy of Dunkin Donuts) – a cappuccino, chocolate and coffee doughnut, and a cherry brownie. I then bought some vitamin drinks for the journey and made my way down to the platform. The train arrived around 09:50, I got on, found my reserved seat, and we took off, heading south through Germany, just before 10:00. I relaxed in my seat and watched the land pass by through the window. Several hours in, I walked to the dining carriage and had a half-liter of beer.

Nuremberg Main Railway Station.
Nuremberg Main Railway Station.

The train reached the Nuremberg Main Station at 14:50, I disembarked, and walked southwesterly to the hotel I had reserved a room with. Upon reaching the hotel, I checked in and walked upstairs to my room where I soon passed out. It’s strange, almost every time I travel from one city to the next, no matter how much energy I exert, I feel so damned tired and want to do nothing but relax and sleep once I reach my destination. It didn’t used to be this way, so I guess I’m just very exhausted from all the traveling I’ve done during the past sixteen months.

I woke up around 19:30, walked to the nearest grocery store, and bought some juice, beer, and snacks. I then walked to a pizza restaurant nearby and ordered a pizza to go (it was a large gourmet pizza topped with slices of steak, asparagus, and tomatoes). With all this delicious sustenance, I returned to my room and chowed down. I then relaxed watching some YouTube videos and listening to music (e.g. My Morning Jacket). Finally, I went to sleep after 03:00.

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