October 31, 2015

Caribbean Sea

On Board the MS Royal Princess: Day Eleven

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America


[NOTE: I’ve grown weary of writing the usual bullshit narrative; so I’ve decided to dispense with it and present the raw notes I took on my iPhone instead.]


-woke up at 09:40, showered, dressed, grabbed my passport and walked to the Princess Theater, seated before 10:20 with all the other passengers who were staying on for at least the next ten days

-around 10:30, we were escorted off the ship and in to the terminal, where we waited for a while before filing past an immigration officer, showing him our passport and in-transit card, before being allowed back on board (why we couldn’t just do this in the theater or why we bothered doing this at all, I’m sure I don’t know)

-once back on board, I took the elevator up to the Horizon Court and waited for lunch to be ready at 11:45

-lunch at Horizon Court: iced tea, Greek mushroom salad, string beans, carrots, roasted pumpkin, beef tapas with onions, cheese, salad with baby tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette

-dessert: coffee and cookies

-watched ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ (I recall enjoying the first one but after watching this and finding it incredibly annoying I think I’ll have to rewatch and reevaluate the first one – how is it possible that so many shitty and unfunny comedies are being released now? That golden age of comedy that began last decade is apparently over now)

-went through pictures

-started watching ‘Enough Said’, but took an intermission for dinner, staff were dressed up in Halloween costumes

-dinner at Horizon Court: salad with blue cheese dressing, cod wrapped in bacon, grilled fish, shrimp, slices if turkey breast, carrots, cranberry sauce, iced tea

-had a coffee

-watched the 19:15 show that introduced the audience to the vocalist, different aspects of the ship, upcoming events, and the on board comedian

-returned to watching ‘Enough Said’

-went to Horizon Court, picked up some slices of cheese and honeyed nuts, brought it back to my room, opened the bottle of Brut Spumante Bianco given to me yesterday, enjoyed my snacks and wine whilst listening to awesome classic rock

-went to Club 6 after 23:00 and had several Blood and Sand cocktails

-went to bed around 02:00



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