October 23, 2015

Caribbean Sea

On Board the MS Royal Princess: Day Three

At Sea


[NOTE: I’ve grown weary of writing the usual bullshit narrative; so I’ve decided to dispense with it and present the raw notes I took on my iPhone instead.]


-wake up at 11:00, watch ‘The Theory of Everything’

-shower and dress

-lunch of shrimp with cocktail sauce, broccoli, peas and carrots, roasted pumpkin, fish, and grilled chicken and peppers kebabs at Horizon Court

-watch ‘American Sniper’

-liter of Paulaner

-watch ‘The Imitation Game’

-dinner of salad, string beans, fried zucchini with garlic, pork medallion, grilled salmon, shrimp, a stuffed tomato, anchovies, and cheese at Horizon Court

-liter of Paulaner

-watch ‘Gone Girl’

-watch ‘Ex Machina’ – I watched a lot of films today

-Guinness after the last film

-12:30: smoke in an AC compressor in the engine room causes several announcements from the captain, an order for all crew to report to stations, and a call for all passengers to go back to their cabins; fire reported out at 12:57, but crew remains in alert positions; at 01:04 crew stand down, back to normal, sleep shortly afterwards


An open journal or an exercise in narcissism.