October 04, 2015


Dublin, Ireland

Arising from bed at 07:00 this morn, I showered, dressed, packed my bags, and checked out of the hostel. I then walked north to the city center and rode the tram to Edinburgh International Airport. I arrived at the airport after 09:00 and checked in to my flight to Dublin. Next, I passed through security and made my way to the departure gates. I spent the majority of GBP in my pocket on snacks (delicious gourmet popcorn (produced in England) and a chocolate bar). I then waited around until it was time to board the airplane. After boarding the plane, we took off after 11:35 and flew westward to Dublin. I ended up falling asleep and slept most of the flight.

The plane landed at Dublin International Airport after 13:00. The other passengers and I exited the plane, rode a bus to the terminal, and then passed through passport control (easy and no problem, unlike in London). I then collected my checked bag and walked out to the bus stop. I paid for a ticket to the Dublin city center, waited for the bus to arrive (this took about ten minutes), and then rode the bus in to the capital. At the appropriate stop, I disembarked the bus and walked to the hostel I had reserved a bed with. Upon reaching the hostel (located next to the old Jameson Distillery), I checked in and settled my junk in to the dorm room. I soon exited the hostel and toured the surrounding area before stopping in at a nearby café and bar to have an early dinner (it was around 15:30). I ate spicy chicken wings with celery and ranch dip, fries with ketchup and mayonnaise dips, and a Chieftain IPA. I then capped my meal off with a large Americano to caffeinate my bloodstream. After the meal, I returned to the hostel, researched Dublin and New York on the interweb, had some beers (including a very stout ale), and eventually went to sleep, after 02:00.

An open journal or an exercise in narcissism.