November 09, 2015

Caribbean Sea

On Board the MS Royal Princess: Day Twenty

At Sea


[NOTE: I’ve grown weary of writing the usual bullshit narrative; so I’ve decided to dispense with it and present the raw notes I took on my iPhone instead.]


-woke up at noon thanks to the Captain’s update and nursed a wicked hangover most of the rest of the day

-watched ‘Saving Mr. Banks’; had a cappuccino

-watched ‘Birdman’ again

-break for dinner at Horizon Court: baked fish, breaded shrimp, baked beans, sweet potato gratin, steamed carrots, string beans, water; then dessert of chocolate cake, cookies, and coffee

-finished watching ‘Birdman’

-watched ‘Rewrite’, packed most of my bags

-had a second, late dinner at Horizon Court: shrimp with cocktail sauce, a baked potato, salad, iced tea; then Earl Grey tea

-happy hour: six Piña Coladas and talked with the Massachusetts guy and the Missouri guy and his wife

-bed time after 01:00


This is the twentieth day of my Caribbean cruise and this is the longest I have stayed shacked up in one place since I started this adventure back in May 2014 AD (the previous record holder was the hotel I stayed at in Pamplona, Spain for ten nights). It feels nice sleeping in the same room for a while and not having to worry about packing my bags and traveling from hostel to the railway station and then to the hotel and later to the airport, and so on.


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